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Landowners and farmland

Wayleave agreements? Insist on Dura-Base

If you have wayleave agreements in place, or access is needed across your land for any work or construction, insist the contractors use Dura-Base for all the temporary roads and ground protection.

Grass protection

Dura-Base is proven to be kinder to your soil structures than alternative roadway systems. Little or no damage is done to pasture or arable land, and crop restoration after mat recovery is considerably faster than with any other type of temporary road panels.

Supporting heavy loads over farmland

Benefits of Dura-Base on farmland

  • Minimal impact to land and swift recovery
  • Kinder to grass and plant life
  • Easily cleaned – reducing risk of soil-based virus transfer
  • Interlocking panels prevent mud transfer to vehicles and roads
  • Safe for use in environmentally sensitive areas
  • Follows the contours of the land
  • Rugged construction – suitable for the largest machinery
  • Reduces the need for expensive security
  • No additional underlay required

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Dura-Base mats protect arable land and pasture

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