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Utilities, oil & gas

Heavy crane used to install electricity pylon

The Dura-Base ground protection mats provide a safe and secure working environment for your workforce, vehicles and heavy plant, and even track-layers. The composite mats allow constant, repeated heavy loads over protracted periods of time, with minimal detriment to the underlying surface or damage to vehicles.

Dura-Base is laid on-site by Terrafirma’s crew using their bespoke trucks, with the unique Multi-Grab.

The ideal site access solution for:

Dura-Base mats protect against repeated heavy loads

  • Power transmission
  • Rail maintenance and upgrade
  • Water companies
  • Gas pipelines
  • Fuel lines
  • Power cabling

On water

Bura-Base mats forming floating pontoon

Do your crews need to access submerged structures? Dura-Base’s air tight honeycomb construction means it can be used as a floating pontoon, allowing staff to work safely in the most difficult situations.

Site security

Unlike aluminium, Dura-Base composite mats present no theft risk, reducing the need for expensive onsite security and any resulting insurance issues.

Sensitive locations

Dura-Base mats protect sensitive land

Farmland and pasture must be protected. Using Dura-Base for your temporary roadway keeps environmental damage to a minimum and speeds ground recovery times. It can be used safely on the most sensitive surfaces.

Unlike alternatives, Dura-Base is completely sealed, ensuring mud cannot ingress, so reducing the risk of cross contamination between sites.

While other systems require rubber underlay, Dura-Base can be laid directly on tarmac, pathways, and even marble surfaces.

Oil and Gas

Dura-Base mats for oil and gas drilling operations

The Dura-Base mat was originally developed over a decade ago to service the oil and gas industries in the swamplands of the Gulf Coast, USA.

With this pedigree, Dura-Base is the logical choice for the UK’s burgeoning on-shore oil and gas industry, particularly in shale and coal methane. Terrafirma has already successfully assisted Green Park Energy  with their drill and site platform needs.

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